球友网 Golf Community platform Leader in Asia


Golf Community platform Leader in China

Best Product
Effective training and fun rounding at the same time!
Reliable Technology
The Best Choice for Fair Game and Settlement
Unique Contents
Repeated and new fun, including online wars, E-sports, and public battles!
Great Talent
Human Resource Pool based on rich experience and performance in each field
Step 01Securing identity
superior product & experience Obtain a professional image
Step 02Fixed FAN Acquisition
E-Sports Support User revenue generation Activate a club
Step 03Total Service
an overseas tour Amateur license issuance/management

OverviewBusiness at a glance

Key target area and (expected) number of customers

  • Golf has a population of about one million to one million.

    :: Beijing, Kwangju-Shimcheon,Shanghai : 25%, 30%, 25%, Other 20%

  • Play more than 8 rounds a year with a population of about 380,000
  • Pacific Alliance Membership: 17,000
  • Number of participants in the par-3 slalom competition: 40,000
  • Number of amateur (adolescent) registrants: 45,000.
  • 45,000 young players = 100% growth over 2 years 2017-2018 compared to 2016
  • The number of people with experience in screen golf is increasing rapidly with 52.6% as of 2017

Golf Simulator Market Environment

  • Annual equipment sales of around 3000 units (mainly training ground equipment/Giswing analysis in 2016)
  • Three Chinese companies (Greenjoy, Run Golf, Chongtong) 1,200 units a year: about 500 units of Green Zoe.
  • Three Korean Brands annually sell 300 units.
  • Over 1,000 units a year, including other bravo and training ground equipment.
  • Gradually specification of other low-end products
  • An average price of 60,000 yuan per unit 200 units installed in 1200 stores
  • Out of 84% play with 1 to 2, 60% go with coaches and families
  • Training center operation / big room for growth
  • PEST analysis (policy, economic, social, and technical)
  • Golf Course Suppression / Support Policy for Indoor Golf, Youth Golf and Screen Golf
  • An increase in income due to economic growth
  • Physical education consumption increases with the increase of the new middle class.
  • Familiarity with the mobile community
  • Screen golf becomes important due to environmental factors such as fine dust and climate change

OverviewCore competitiveness

  • Ability to develop golf simulators and have experience with success screen golf skills
  • Highest level of sales / marketing / network competency between Korea and China
  • Global (China)-Experience and Competence of a Group of Experts in Content Services
  • Active participation and sponsorship of China's Golf Industry Core Group

OverviewKey Members

LEE,JAEYONG Co-CEO & CTO head of internet business team, head of VK game business division, former establishment of 88JOY, KTH game overseas business general manager, SG golf planning development and general business in China
SOHN,SEHWI CFO Former Smilegate Holdings Chief of Management Planning, Head of China Corporation and Investment in China
GOOK,SUNSIN CMO News24 Reporter, Editorial Director of Disiz Games, Vice President of Publication of the Indian Games, CEO of The Korean Wave
WANG,ZHIGANG Advisor Golf Magazine (China) Publisher
WANG,DONG Advisor The general manager of the Green Jacket Golf Club in China, and the head of China's largest golf network
JIN,CHANHUA Legal adviser China Lawyer, Pacific Law Firm
Powerful industry networks and support
  • Sponsored and Participated in Golf Magazine, China's premier golf network (Wang Zhang), a coalition with the China Golf Association.

    (friendly relations with existing screen stores in Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai and Northeast)

  • Advisory and Sponsorship of Korea-China Business Investment Group

    (New Majin Capital Korea CEO Choi Joon-yong, Vice President Fly Capital Vice President Lee Dong-soo, Fourth Industrial Revolution Fund, etc.)


  • CEO of
  • President of The Korean Wave
  • Former) Managing Director of SG Group, Ceo of SG Golf China Corporation
  • Former) Head of KTH Overseas Business Division
  • Former) Head of VK Gaming Business Division, Head of Beijing Corporation
  • Former) Ceo of GGR Soft
  • Former) Head of Internet Team at
  • Business Strategist, Global Content Services Expert
  • Planning and development launch of leading game portal site (, AMETO.COM, PARANGAME, AGAME, China, etc.)
  • Online - Mobile game development and publishing

    FMOnline 12sky1,2 Caros Online, Red Wall Online, Warren, ETC

  • Games exported and serviceed overseas

    KTH PARAN Game China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Americas, Europe, etc.

  • SG Golf (Screen Golf) Development Director and China Launch

    Approximately 3,600 installations are in operation

PlanCompany opening

Title Golfriendnet / 球友网
Object Provide integrated services to inform customers of the joy of golf
Found 2019,9.
Capital 100,000 SGD
Location Singapore
HR 00 persons

PlanMarket entry strategy

  • 01Step
  • Make it more accessible
  • Dissemination of equipment development for academies
  • Build an image that emphasizes expertise over competing products
  • 02Step
  • Secure fixed fan
  • E-Sports (Siege, etc.)
  • Activate your club (clan)
  • 03Step
  • Golf Total Platform
  • Overseas tour product linkage sale
  • Manage license issuance by amateur rating
  1. New Experience of Golf Academy
    1. Lessons can be taught anywhere in the merchant where the device is installed based on new technology
    2. Profitability and transparent distribution in a shared economy where companies, stores and coaches coexist
    3. Provide a variety of linked content with powerful partners (education, sports, healthcare, content)
  2. Providing the highest level of educational opportunities using the highest quality golf simulators
    1. AI analysis of swings and batted balls enables more sophisticated and efficient lessons
    2. Implementing a real golf course image to provide a more realistic and realistic screen
    3. Systematic unified educational content and guidance methods (PGA, LPGA, KPGA, KLPGA coaches)
  3. E-sports golf practice not boring
    1. 18hole in crevices, matching battles, and mini-games to provide a new type of practice model
    2. Based on the fair leather ranking obtained by blockchain technology, participate in the competition and receive prizes and more enjoyable rounding
    3. The Honor and Practical Value of the Course Champion: Siege, Course Fee Token provided to The Champion
    4. UX and service above the golf zone level
  • 01
  • Golf Academy
  • 100 pilot projects installed
  • 50 stores in the first year
  • Cumulative 2000 units installed in 2021
  • 02
  • E-sports Golf
  • Cumulative 5,000 units installed in 2023
  • Attract100 members for the system
  • 03
  • Chinese golf community
  • Platform Leader
  • Cumulative 8,000 units installed in 2024
  • Attract 150 members for one system

PlanSales/MKT Strategy

  1. Expanding the Center for Teens' Golf Education in partnership with educational institutions
  2. Issuing Amateur Authorized Handy affiliated with the China Golf Association
  3. Franchise existing indoor golf course and practice field.
  4. Membership to Advanced Business Golf Club
  5. Investing in facilities and equipment where members + stores are located
  6. Target 2nd and 3rd lines city center after construction of pilot store in Beijing & Shanghai

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